Best Unicorn Gifts

February 18, 2020 4 min read

Best unicorn gift


Knowing that children grow up pretty quickly, we believe it’s important to let them grow their imaginary world.

If you have a Child in Love with Unicorns or if you want to help them develop their Imaginary World, the rest of this article is for you ! This Mythical Creature has not finished sharing our daily lives!

Unicorn Clothing 👚

In the world of Unicorns, there are Clothes for all tastes and needs. There are Slippers and Pajamas to keep you warm, Socks and Leggings for the gym and Sweaters and T-Shirts to be the star of the school.

Magic Unicorns are engraved deep in our hearts, it's time to let them shine and wear them proudly on our clothes ! Check out our Rainbow Unicorns or Chubby Unicorns designs, you will love them !

Unicorn Clothes

Unicorn School Supply 🎒

For School ItemsBackpacksLunch BoxesPencil Cases, and Notebooks are just a few of the options available to you !

Girl with a unicorn backpack


Before we look at other gifts options directly from the magnificent world of Unicorns, let's raise a few points about the importance of imagination.

Santa Claus, Fairies, Ogres, Princesses, Unicorns and all these Fantastic Creatures were not created without reason.

But why is it so important to let our children experience such imaginary worlds?

A young man playing with a kite

The specialists call this the "symbolic game". It is when children use what they see, hear or experience to build their reality. It is their way of integrating the world around them.
Children absolutely need imagination to develop. We must not take it away from them and let them explore their fantasy world. It's used to develop creativity, but it's also used for a lot of other things too! 

There are a lot of things going on in our brain that we are not aware of that deserve to be enlightened.

Our imagination is used to help us confront real situations, it's strange but it's true!

Games allow the children to imagine situations and act as if they were living them. They confront themselves with imaginary realities in order to understand the realities that exist in real life. They can thus create and measure their reactions. They embrace their environment and all the realities that surround them.

A young girl plays with paint

Reason #1 - Knowing Oneself

Creating also allows us to explore different worlds, practices, means of expression and therefore to know what we like and dislike. With stories, books, games, sounds and atmospheres, children choose what they like and what attracts them.

Reason #2 - Managing a Difficult Situation

A homework assignment that didn't go well in school, a friend who was mean or more painful things like a family separation are lived again in children’s imagination. Thus, they replay the scenes where they can find comfort.

They grow and learn to be strong to face life's difficulties. If someone bothered them in school, it is their doll that gets blame back home. They express themselves and manage the emotions felt after a negative episode and comfort themselves.

Imagination is a response to anxiety and it comforts children before they grow up and find other ways to overcome those same anxieties.

Kids running

Reason #3 - Developing Confidence

When children imagine monsters under their bed, it all comes from their imagination. But it’s important to know that in these fears, children seek reassurance. They develop their confidence and their ability to face their fears. In a way, the monsters under the bed prepare them for life.

Child climbing

Reason #4 - Develop Social Skills

When they play doctor, talk with their plush or play with their toys, they also reproduce real-life situations and learns social roles and codes.

A little boy plays with a train


Unicorn Toys

For children to play and develop their fantasy world, Unicorn FigurinesUnicorn Plush and Unicorn Dolls are all good options. All these toys will allow your children to live their Imaginary Adventures, just like the character of Andywho lives many adventures with Woody and Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story Movie.

Plush Toys

Unicorn Plushies are also very popular ! There's one for everyone ! You can give them as a gift when a child is born.

You can also offer them as Christmas presents or to congratulate the success of an important exam. One thing is sure, with a wonderful unicorn gift, your children will be happy !

Unicorn plush

Pool Floats

The famous Unicorn Pool Float is a must-have ! At the beach, moms love the Giant Inflatable Float because it’s really colorful and visible from far away. At home, your swimming pool will look awesome and children won't want to leave it, to the delight of the parents !

daughter and mother in pool with a Unicorn Pool Float

Pink Unicorns 🦄

Unicorns and Pink are a natural fit and you'll find all your favorite Unicorn items in pink. It will make every little girl happy !

Night Lights

Every young child is afraid of the dark. A good way to reassure them is with a plush and a night light. They will love to turn them on at bedtime and they will provide a beautiful, calm and sleepy night for children but also for the parents…

Unicorn Lamp

Unicorn Jewelry 

If you are a true Unicorn Lover and you feel Girly, our selection of Unicorn Jewelry is for you ! There’s a lot of Super Cute options of EarringsBracelets, and Necklaces to create your very own Unicorn look !

Unicorn Jewelry

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